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Testimonials -2

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21 Responses to “Testimonials -2”

  • kirsty pogson:

    Well thank you Pete for giving me the confidence to go through with learning to drive and also a massive thanks for getting me passed first time. Pete, you put me at ease throughout and for that I’m grateful. Much appreciated, highly reccomended. Kirsty

  • Terri:

    July 1, 2014 at 9:48 pm
    Where do I start? If it wasn’t for Pete I’d most likely still be a learner. I had been driving for over a year with a previous instructor and got no where near to even booking my test. Pete is a calm and funny person who puts you at ease in any situation. Pete had me passed within 2 months which I never thought I’d achieve and I passed first time!! Yaay! Thank you for everything Pete. Wish I’d have come to you sooner!!!

  • Katie:

    Welll what more is there to say than THANK YOU!!
    I wouldn’t have had the confidence to pass if it hadn’t been for Pete and I would recommend him to everyone!  x

  • Dawn:

    My friend Shiree had recommended Pete to me when I wanted to learn in an automatic and I’m so glad I listened to her! I was so nervous and had no confidence at all when I first started but Pete made me feel relaxed and as each lesson passed my confidence just got better and better and that’s thanks to Pete who was patient and was a all round excellent teacher. He has a good sense of humour so you can have a laugh while learning. I can’t thank him enough. If anyone is reading this then get booked in with Pete, you can’t go wrong!!

  • Andrew:

    I would like to thank Pete for helping me pass first time. He made me feel at ease straight away, and I looked forward to the lessons and Pete’s little facts were brilliant. I would give Pete’s number to anybody wanting to learn to drive. Thanks again Pete.

  • Scott:

    I would like to thank Pete for getting me through my driving test! Really nice guy to get on with! Great teacher! Thankyou Pete ! Deffo recommend him! Great guy thanks Pete 🙂 !

  • Noma ndlovu:

    I was a very nervous learner but Pete made me feel at ease and gave me lots of support too. Thanks for helping me get my confidence in driving. I am now enjoying the freedom of driving. Great teacher, very patient and highly recommended.

  • Anthony:

    Big thank you Pete. Will miss our chats about Top Gear/ Jeremy (god) Clarkson and of course BMW’s. Although it has come to light you secretly park up behind my silver beauty. haha. Wish you all the best Pete take care.
    Thanks again

    highly recommended

  • Tammy:

    Thank you very much for everything. You have given me the confidence to pass. You are calm and patient and have a good sense of humour.

  • Mike:

    Having failed my test on more than one occasion back in t’day I had pretty much given it up as a bad job. Decided to give it one last crack and under Pete’s tuition sailed through first time in less than a year. Calm and patient even when I was trying to audition to be the next Lewis Hamilton in the early stages! Funny, easy to get along with and knows driving inside out. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

  • Julia:

    Thank you very much Pete for getting me through learning to drive and passing my test first time.
    After giving up a few years ago you gave me the confidence to become a driver. Great teacher and very calm. Would highly recommend!

  • Najeeb:

    When I met Pete for first time, I told him that i’m an old driver on American system.

    He was worried about what I picked up from the street (bad habits). He started with me as a new fresher.

    I believe that Pete is like a father who wants for his son to be better than him, and this is how he dealt with me.

    I can’t thank Pete enough. I can remember when I passed he was happier than me.

    Simply amazing teacher and highly recommended.


  • James Charlton:

    I can not recommend Pete enough! I had had poor experiences in the past with other driving instructors but found Pete to be both knowledgeable and experienced in helping me get the confidence to pass my test. We had some very fun conversations during our lessons and he was very patient and reassuring when I may of gotten stuck on certain aspects. His kind and professional manner encouraged me and made me look forward each week to our next lesson! Pete is truly a great instructor! I am ecstatic to have passed my test and couldn’t of done it without Pete’s guidance! I will genuinely miss our lessons and the conversations we had! Pete was always on time, prepared, helpful and smiling!

    Thank you Pete. It was honestly a pleasure!!


  • Shona:

    I started with no confidence at all, but each lesson with Pete he built on that, then went on to pass first time with just 1 minor which I never expected but Pete did. Each lesson was a laugh even with my silly questions he was patient and took his time to explain until I eventually understood. Highly recommended and very much appreciated. Thanks Pete

  • Elizabeth Schofield:

    I highly recommend Pete. I was a very nervous learner driver but Pete set me at ease. He gave direction without being a dictator and explained driving to me in a way I could understand. Pete isn’t a one size fits all driving instructer; he will get to know you and go from there. I’ve been driving for 4 months now and still hear Pete’s voice in my head when I’m driving, “Small space…low speed!” A great guy, you couldn’t get a better driving instructer.

  • Paul Ascough:

    Well after being taught by different instructors, I came across Pete Hughes and I have to say the most professional person I have ever met. He totally relaxed me and made me feel really comfortable. Also due to me work shifts he was really flexible. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Pete I would definitely still be learning. Massive thank you Pete.

  • Gary:

    Pete is a fantastic teacher, very calm and explains everything clearly, he’s not only gonna get you driving he’ll get you driving safely which is the most important thing. He seems to genuinely care and want to get you driving on your own as soon as possible. Honestly couldn’t have asked for more from him. He also helped with all hazard and theory stuff. He was always on time and the car was immaculate and a pleasure to drive, I still miss his car to this day. We practiced all test routes so nothing surprised me on the day of the actual test, I couldn’t recommend Pete and his teaching techniques enough. Thanks for getting me passed Pete!

  • Judith Ndatimana:

    I had failed my driving test a couple of times in the past and had given up. When I decided to give it another go, believe it or not, I prayed that I would be guided to the right instructor, and that is what I got with Pete! Patient, very professional, good sense of humour, put you at ease and really got you driving safely.
    Would highly recommend him.
    Thanks again Pete!

  • Wendy Connor:

    I passed my test last Monday at the first attempt. Pete was a brilliant instructor. Very patient and never flustered. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor. Thanks Pete. I couldn’t have done it without you!!

  • Heather:

    After failing 3 driving tests over 2 years due to extreme nerves and low confidence on the roads I gave up driving lessons for 3 months, until someone recommended doing automatic lessons with Pete. The lessons were really enjoyable and I learned more in the 2 months with Pete than I did in 2 years of lessons with other instructors. I would really recommend lessons with Pete as my confidence has improved so much and I am so happy to have passed! Thank you

  • Hollie:

    Pete and Polly the Prius will not disappoint!! Having had a really bad experience with another instructor earlier this year I was very anxious to get back on the road but with my job relocating the pressure was on and thank god I found Pete in June! He made me feel so relaxed and I enjoyed every lesson! Pete explains everything really well and remains calm whilst making you realise you can do it and I did; passing first time with only one minor ? I actually miss our lessons Pete! Keep up the fantastic work and thank you for everything ? ps – I used your advice on the motorway about when I overtake lorries and it worked like a dream! Every time I see a black Audi I think of our lessons haha ?

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