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Testimonials – 3

Testimonials – July 15

30 Responses to “Testimonials – 3”

  • Emily Wright:

    I could not thank Pete enough for all of his help and advice in helping me get on the road! I passed first time in both the Theory and my Practical which I was absolutely over the moon with. I never thought I’d get there! Pete is a proper down to earth Yorkshire guy and each lesson was a laugh with plenty of jokes – never a chore! If you put the time and effort in, Pete will too! Thank you thank you thank you!! Also, the Prius is a beauty to drive!

  • Sam:

    As a dyslexic, dyspraxic driver I struggled to learn to drive immensely, but Pete has been absolutely, incredibly supportive and an amazing teacher. Starting right from the beginning of learning to drive, going through to passing my test, Pete has been the most relaxed confident teacher, which massively helped me when I was learning.
    I couldn’t recommend Pete more. I’ll even be getting my girlfriend to get lessons through him!
    If your looking at passing quickly and stresslessly, you are in the right place!

  • Paige:

    The best driving instructor I’ve ever had! Really enjoyed every lesson even on the hard days Pete makes you feel at ease and pushes you to be the best driver there is. Even after passing I still use everything he taught me. A driving instructor who will go above and beyond for his pupils. Even in his spare time.

  • Rhi:

    T H E best driving instructor out there, I passed first time with only 7 weeks of driving and I honestly never ever thought I would actually be able to drive but I did it!!!! All thanks to Pete, the most calm, patient man out there who won’t moan or sigh when you spend at least 20 of the hours attempting to park hahaha!! Thank you so much, such a pleasure to meet you!

  • Candice:

    The best driving instructor ever! Goes above and beyond, so calm and patient, never sighed or complained when I got things wrong. All my lessons I felt at ease and comfortable even when it was a tough lesson. Incredible way of teaching things and I passed 1st time! I would highly recommend him 100%.
    Thanks for everything Pete!

  • Reganne:

    Pete is the best driving instructor ever. He is friendly, patient and never failed to make me laugh. I was always made to feel comfortable and at ease in my lessons even when it was a tough one. He was always supportive and never got frustrated after many attempts of learning manoeuvres. He puts his pupils first and never lets you down. I would 100% recommend Pete and can’t thank him enough for his time and patience! 🙂

  • Shoshana Reed:

    Pete is an excellent driving instructor and showed great patience and tutoring skills while I was learning to drive with him. I very quickly got to grips with manoeuvres and knowing that you should never learn how to drive off your parents! Passed my test in just under a year with him, much quicker than I honestly expected. Would highly recommend!

  • kim:

    I passed my test a week ago with Pete.
    He was so patient and calm when I wasn’t. I was a really nervous driver until I started lessons with Pete.
    I have already given a few friends his number, so good luck Pete lol. Thank you for everything

  • I cannot praise Pete’s School of Motoring enough. Pete is an excellent driving instructor with the patience of a saint – which was needed with me! Thanks to Pete and his amazing tuition I achieved what I believed to be the impossible and passed my driving test. I passed relatively quickly which was a surprise. I would highly recommend learning to drive with Pete. He has a varied teaching style and has a calm vibe which puts you instantly at ease. It was an absolute pleasure to pass with Pete

  • Tina:

    Cannot thank Pete enough. Thank God I chose you. Pete is down to earth, patient and very humble. One amazing thing about Pete is that I am a shift worker and we worked around my shifts which was amazing. Never knew I would get back on the road but I got through. Will recommend Pete to anyone God bless and keep up the good work.

  • Ethan:

    Pete is a very patient, articulate and precise driving instructor. He has always been flexible and fair and does what’s best for you. I managed to pass first time with the help of Pete and relatively quickly too for a complete beginner! I always looked forward to lessons as Pete is always up for a good chat, whilst simultaneously focused and teaching you exactly what you need to know. Couldn’t recommend Pete enough, if you’re looking for an automatic instructor.

  • Pete is a very patient and pleasant instructor. He works around your work commitments and is always on time. I had 3 instructors before Pete who did not teach me very well and thank God Pete was recommended. Today I finally passed. I would and will recommended Pete to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive. I don’t think they could get anyone better. Thanks again

  • Nicola:

    I recently passed my test and had my automatic lessons with Peter. I was a very nervous, mature learner and have been dreading the process but it ended up being a much better experience than I expected. Pete is very patient and is extremely flexible to availability. He is very calm and has a good sense of humour to make things easier when you are nervous! He puts you in control of your learning with his approach and I highly recommend him to any learner.

  • Alison:

    Immediately clicked with Pete after having not so great experiences with past driving instructors.
    He made me feel at ease and was a great teacher. Highly recommended as I was anxious at times but became a very relaxed driver in such a short period of time and I believe this is what helped me pass on my second time.
    Thanks Pete x

  • Bev:

    I can’t recommend Pete highly enough. As a mature driver I managed to pass both my theory and practical tests first time. What a fantastic teacher, always stays calm and is very patient even though it took me ages to get to grips with reverse parallel parking!. Thank you Pete for giving me the confidence to do this and I will miss that sense of humour x

  • Beth:

    Passed my test on the 20th of March and could not thank Pete enough! He persevered with me and helped me build my confidence with driving as I’d had a bad experience with manual driving. A very patient, calm and funny guy, up for a laugh and a good chat whilst on lessons, made you feel relaxed and at ease, even when mistakes were made and you felt like caving at the wheel, explained things thoroughly and talked you through everything. Very flexible and worked around my shifts, always on time and just honestly a fab driving instructor! Thankyou so much again Pete!

  • Mo:

    I had almost given up with my driving before I started driving with Pete. I passed on Tuesday and I am still in disbelief. I cannot recommend Pete enough! He’s an amazing instructor. He puts you at ease and keeps up your motivation. He even put up with my endless chatting. Thank you so much Pete! You’re the best instructor around!

  • toni pequena:

    Pete has to be the most patient driving instructor ever! I was so nervous when I started doing lessons again at the age of 44. It took me 2 attempts to pass, but I did it, with Pete’s help and have just bought my first car.. Thanks Pete

  • Carrera:

    I cannot thank Pete enough for restoring my confidence and helping me to believe in myself and my driving abilities! Before starting with him I hated driving and now I can’t wait to get on the roads on my own, I could never have passed my test without him. He is so patient, friendly and has many funny stories to tell. He was also able to fit around my college timetable with ease which was really important to me. I really couldn’t have chosen a better instructor!
    Thank you for everything!

  • Pete is a fantastic instructor, I honestly couldn’t recommend more. Each lesson was something to really look forward too and was constructed at very flexible hours and a really good teaching pace. I was very fortunate to have passed first time and couldn’t thank Pete enough for all his hard work. What a fab instructor!!

  • Louise:

    I passed my driving test 1st time with Pete on Friday. He is a fantastic driving instructor. Very patient and makes you feel relaxed. Can’t thank him enough. 5 stars+

  • Hannah Talbot:

    Pete has been a brilliant driving instructor, always arriving on time and fitting around my work schedule. Pete is friendly and makes you feel at ease in all driving lessons. I passed 2nd time with Pete in the automatic after struggling with manual cars.
    I would highly recommend Pete to anyone wanting to learn automatic!

  • Jing:

    I would just like to say a massive thanks to Pete for getting me through my test. Still can’t believe I passed!
    Pete is a fabulous instructor. he teaches me everything about driving with great patience and clearance. He lets me drive by my own till I drive safely and corrects my driving skills till I do right thing.
    The most important thing is that he is very considerate. I have problems with my oral English which makes me feel nervous especially driving and communicating, he eases my mind using simple words and acts. And he always asks me about my available time before he planned the schedule of next week and arranges more lessons before test.
    I would highly recommend Pete and his teaching techniques to anyone wanting to learn to drive!
    Thanks Pete for everything again!

  • Gulbanu Pyke:

    Thanks Pete for getting me through my test in such a short time frame. I appreciate all the helping me with my confidence and your patience.

  • Jan Holmes:

    After failing three driving tests with a previous instructor, I had lost my confidence in my ability to drive and felt ill at the thought of more lessons. After taking time out I decided to have one more try, and look for a different instructor.
    Thank god I found Pete. His calm patience and great sense of humour, which he certainly needed at times with me, made every lesson a pleasure and something I looked forward to. He restored my confidence and improved my driving skills and definitely helped me become a safer, less nervous driver. Thankfully I passed my first test with Pete. I would 100% recommend a fabulous instructor and lovely guy. Thank you Pete. I couldn’t have done it without you.

  • Leanne:

    OMG! I’m so happy. I have been learning to drive for 5 years. After 3 instructors that didn’t work for me I found Pete, 6 months later I passed my test 1st time! Thank you Pete, I never thought this day would come.
    p.s you can share my train station story for a good laugh!

  • Laura:

    I truly cannot express how wonderful a teacher Pete is. After having my first 30+ hours in a manual, which did not work for me partly due to chronic health issues that causes restricted mobility in my joints and a instructor who would berate me at every chance he got, I didn’t think I would ever get in a car again. After some time off I found Pete and we quickly realised how little I had been taught previously. In just over 4 months I passed my test on the 2nd attempt! I was a very nervous learner and made many mistakes but Pete always stayed calm and never made me feel useless. Instead he would use a mix of humour and when required throw scenarios in showing what could have happened and how I could change it next time, which helped me develop my forward planning and lighten my mood of feeling useless! Thank you very much for everything!

  • Lauren:

    I don’t know how Pete had the courage to stay put in the car with me on my first few lessons but I’m so glad he did!! I came to Pete after wasting a whole lot of time and money with another instructor and I felt as though I learnt more with Pete in the first 3 lessons than I did after months on end with the previous. Any mistakes ever made (and there were a fair few!) were laughed off and worked on and Pete taught me some great techniques for the manoeuvres. Unlike with my previous instructor, I really looked forward to my lessons and I would highly recommend to anyone! See you soon for the motorway lesson if you dare! Many thanks 🙂

  • Rachael lambert:

    I have had bad experiences with other instructors always looking for a excuse to cancel my lessons. So I thought to look around for someone else and I did. I found Pete. He was always on time, had laughs and talked about anything and everything. I even didn’t feel like I wanted to cancel my lesson. It never came in my mind when I was with Pete. If I made a mistake he talked about it ready for the next time. Passed my test yesterday, first time whoop whoop. Pete is a legend and has plenty of patience. Brilliant instructor and I would recommend Pete to anybody and I wish I had found Pete from the start. Thanks again Pete.

  • Emma:

    There are so many bad driving instructors out there but Pete really isn’t one of them! He’s so patient and understanding which really helped me to enjoy my driving lessons instead of dreading them! My lessons became more of a social event as we talked about all sorts of rubbish, helping me to feel at ease with driving. I tried to learn manual at first but it really wasn’t for me and Pete really helped to build my confidence back up after feeling like I couldn’t do it. I failed my first test but Pete never gave up on me and now I’ve passed! Thank you so much Pete, I could not have done it without you!

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