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Welcome to Pete`s School of Motoring (Automatic)


petes-som...ebay renault 005Automatic Driving Lessons in Huddersfield

Pete`s S.O.M – your local Driving School in Huddersfield. I provide cheap Automatic driving lessons in Huddersfield and surrounding areas…

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Hello, my name is Peter Hughes and I am a fully qualified DSA (Driving Standards Agency) ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). My aim is to teach my pupils to be excellent and safe drivers for life! This would include brand new people to driving as well as people who need refresher courses and those who wish to get their confidence back. People who have lost their license and need some re-training. Test Rescue, if you have just failed or feel that it is all going to go wrong on your test and you need help with a new pair of eyes. Special Motorway and fast Dual Carriageway tuition for those who are unsure on these type of roads.  I also give free tuition to help you get through your Theory Test.

If you are not new to driving and need a refresher course or a re-train or night time lessons, then I would assess your weaknesses and give you a program of lessons to handle those areas until you were happy.

Automatic Driving Lessons in Huddersfield


My job is to have you ready for your Practical Test as fast as possible, and to a high standard, so you pass. If you are a full license holder, then fully handled on any doubts or uncertainties and able to take to the road with confidence. I offer Automatic lessons.

Automatics: There are pros and cons in taking automatic lessons…Pros: You usually need far fewer lessons and the whole experience, especially at the beginning, is less complicated and stressful if you tend to have a problem with manual gearshifts.  You are able to quickly get to the point where your attention, whilst driving, is outside the car rather than in dealing with gears and clutch. Your road sense is gained far quicker. Cons: The lessons are slightly more expensive because automatics use more fuel than manual cars…but don’t worry, my prices will stay the best around! See the Prices page for details. When you pass your test in an Automatic you are only allowed to drive Automatics. You are able to learn manual driving later and would then take another test. The advantage would be that you have a great deal of road sense and experience to take into that test. You could, of course, just drive autos from then on. Luckily, these days, you can purchase small engined autos that are very good, both diesel and petrol, whereas, in the old days, automatic gearboxes were reserved for the big engined luxury cars. Also, there used to be a premium on the prices of autos which could add up to around £400. This doesn’t seem to be the case nowadays. There is no real difference in insurance costs between automatics and manuals. It is, in truth, easier learning in an automatic.


If you are brand new I will train you through all the basics following the DSA’s Driver’s Record (which you should have received with your Provisional License. If not, I can supply you with one free).This would involve assessing your speed of learning and tailoring this to your lessons until you are thoroughly sure on these basics and also happy with independent driving.

If you have had lessons previously and are changing your instructor, possibly to try automatics, I will assess your driving and work out a program so you will not be going over areas you are happy with, unless you need to!

Automatic Driving Lessons in Huddersfield  – Additional Services


I also offer the PassPlus course after you have passed your Practical Test. This is a 6 hour course covering: Town driving, all-weather driving, driving on rural roads, night driving, dual carriageways and Motorway driving. Not only does this course increase your confidence further but it is also recognized by a number of insurance companies as a qualification and helps to lessen that first insurance premium! PassPlus can be taken by anyone, either just after they pass their Practical Test or have been a full license holder for some time.

When you are looking for Automatic driving lessons in Huddersfield, look no further. My Driving School in Huddersfield will get you through. I am patient and supportive and will help you to become a confident driver who is safe on the road and has mastered the art of safe driving. Automatic driving lessons in hudderfield are affordable with  me.

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