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Passplus Approved
DSA Approved



****S P E C I A L  O F F E R*****

There is a special discount for certain categories and professions…..Please contact me to find out if you are eligible.

If you are a student, including student nurses, you can get a 5% discount on any of the BLOCK prices below (except special £122.00 rate for PassPlus and First 5 Hours Special). If you are a Nurse, fireman, care/social worker or anyone who works in public service, including religious and charity work, you are eligible for a 5% discount on any of the BLOCK prices below.


Learner lessons Pay as you go:

1 hour £22.00

1.5 hours £32.00

2 hours £42.00

Block Prices for learners:

First 5 Hours Special 90.00

5 hours £105.00

10 hours £208.00

15 hours £310.00

20 hours £410.00

30 hours £615.00

40 hours £810.00

Intensive Courses (7 hours per day where feasible): £144.00 

Motorway Lessons: 2 hours – £55.00

Passplus: (6 hours) £142.00  If you pass with me (with no cancellations and “no shows”) you receive PassPlus for £122.00. Please note PassPlus is a 6 hour course but can take more if you feel you require more time on a certain area. Any extra will be charged at £22.00 per hour, or if on the special rate, £20.00 per hour.

Refresher Courses: 1 hour – £28.00

Test Rescue Courses: 3 hours – £75.00

Lost Confidence Course: 1 hour – 27.00. 2 hours – £52.00