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Intensive Courses

Intensive Automatic Driving Courses

Intensive Course: If you are too busy to take 2 or 3 lessons a week then I offer intensive courses, depending on availability. The advantage is that you wouldn’t be recapping on your earlier lesson and thus save time. The number of hours, either for a brand new driver, more experienced Learner, would have to be assessed and a realistic time for your Practical Test estimated. Also your Theory Test would have to be taken into account, if not already done. You can, if you are not careful, be ready for your practical test yet still not through your theory test. This could mean you would be taking practical lessons when you don’t really need them, just to “keep your hand in” as it were… This is a waste of your time and money so we would work out a schedule so that was cut down as much as possible, hopefully non at all.  I will endeavor to get you ready as fast as possible but without compromising on your quality of driving…after all, it is “Safe driving for life!”

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